Venice and head colds and phones, oh my

Venetian face

Venetian face

The plague caught up with us. We’ve spent the last couple of days down with a nasty head cold, but I have hopes of it getting better by New Year.

The unfortunate saga of my telephone continues apace. AT&T insists that my phone is on the unlocked list. Apple says it is not. I’ve tried the recommended procedure for unlocking three times in the last three days without joy.

I caved. I bought a new phone. I also had to buy a new SIM card because the iPhone 4s and the 5c use different sized cards. Glee. Bliss. In doing this, I’ve had to download the iOS update twice, which has consumed most of my bandwidth for the month, so my internet access is slower than slugs in molassas. Anyway, I am at last wired again. I should have known that anything AT&T touches is going to be borked in one way or another. iTunes won’t let me change my address from a US to an Italian address when I try to register my new phone. I have an email in to support to ask about that.

On a far more pleasant note, we spent a few hours the day before Xmas in Venice. It was a Monday, which apparently means that much of the region is closed down for the day. Tourist spots were open, but outside the tourist areas, the city looked nearly deserted. I suspect that it was a combination of Monday and the impending holiday. My brother tells me the city is half empty in terms of actual residents and that if I wanted to rent something there it wouldn’t be difficult, just rather expensive.

We walked around parts of Canareggio that are more residential. Now and then we’d see someone walking a dog, or carting groceries around. There were a few people working on boats. The fog was in, but not terribly overwhelming.

None of the real estate rental agenices we walked by were open, but we probably should have suspected that. There were some listings in the windows, and we picked up a couple of the local papers. Most of those were only listing places for sale, but I got some practice reading real estate ads when I got home.

In walking Venice that day, I was left with the same impression I had last summer for my visit. It’s a lovely place and one I would like to spend a few months in. At this point, I’m not sure I would want to live there. I’m reserving judgment until I’ve seen Trieste, at the very least. I know rental prices in Trieste are considerably more reasonable, as we looked online when we got back that evening.

Stepping out of the train station through the gates of Venice and into the open is a bit breathtaking. I’m not sure there can be any experience quite like it anywhere else. The train station is grey and echoing, with tourist shops between the trains and the city itself. Then, suddenly, people and buildings and boats and water. It has to be one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen. I know I want to visit frequently. There’s so much there to experience. I would wax somewhat more poetic, but the head cold is still making me quite muzzy and I was feeling feverish earlier today. Here, though, are some photos for you.

IMG_4607  IMG_4614  IMG_4601



4 thoughts on “Venice and head colds and phones, oh my

  1. Sorry the plague has found you. It tried to take down the whole household – as I prolly mentioned(?) – since Oct and nearly succeeded late Nov/early Dec. A the joys of a multiple person household. :p

    I dunno, your descriptions are still lovely, IMO. I’d say go for Trieste – is it close enough to Venice to make visits reasonably easy? Good luck on the search, anyhoo. Nice pics. Makes me want to see more. Have to say, except for the monetary aspect, I kinda like the ideas of living in a half-deserted city. The reality might turn out less cool, but still…


    • It’s a couple of hours by train, I believe. Definitely an easy day trip from Trieste to Venice. While there is a certain appeal to the idea of living in a half-deserted city, it smacks a little too much of dystopian science fiction for my taste. I think I’d be looking for the zombies at night. 😉

  2. I sympathize with the head cold as I had one for at least three weeks and just got over it when I cought what started out to be just a bad cough followed by turning into exactly the same symptoms I had before… frack me! lol Bearhugs and feel better! Love the pics and posts!

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