Images from our visit today to the village of Poffabro. The header photo for the blog was taken there last summer. Every winter, they have a display of nativities — dozens or even more than a hundred, I’m not sure — ranging from the classic to the utterly abstract. Poffabro was filled with tourists today, wandering the streets and taking photos. We’d hoped to have lunch at the osteria in town, but they were booked until 2pm and we inquired at 12:30; we didn’t want to wait nearly two hours for a table. We ate at a place down the hill instead. The food was good but it was a bit overpriced.

I brought along my camera but all my batteries were dead. Of course. The photos here were taken on my phone, which doesn’t have any provision for my shaky hands, so they’re not as good as they otherwise might have been, but I hope you’ll enjoy the view.


Poffabro village street


An abstract nativity. I have to admit that I find baby Jesus as an unintentional tamale rather amusing.


The village of Poffabro from the piazza


Another village street


One of the many nativities at a street corner


A classical nativity scene



8 thoughts on “Poffabro

    • There was some, but it was for the most part obviously tourist detritus from the booths on the weekends for the festival. Once they’ve taken down the displays after the new year they’ll probably have people go around town and pick stuff up, but yeah, there’s a lot less trash here than in the US overall, from what I’ve seen.

  1. So incredibly lucky to be able to just wander amongst such history. The photos are lovely and the little place looks so… I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just that sense of “history”. And baby Tamale Jesus is really funny!

    • Tamale Jesus rocked. 😉

      The town is gorgeous but quite isolated up in the mountains. It’s fantastic to look at but I wouldn’t want to live that far from all the things I need. I suspect when the snow hits you can’t get out of town for days.

  2. I had to giggle at Tamale Jesus, srsly. 😀
    Such lovely pics of what looks like a wonderfully historic and picturesque place. Of course, so much all over the place there is picturesque.

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