#1day12pics and my visit to the Questura

Yesterday was our expedition to the Questura. I didn’t actually need to give them fingerprints again, or at least I didn’t need to provide them then. They hadn’t got some of my file from Pordenone yet, and were attempting to duplicate some of it to try to get the process completed faster, from what I could figure out.

We got to the office and saw the woman at the counter who’d called me on Friday. I brought my entire file with me. She wanted to see my Italian bank statements for the last five months (I’d only opened the account in late January) and/or statements from the US, as well as my rental contract, and my health insurance papers. I could provide the rental contract and the insurance papers, but she sent us off to get the bank statements, which I hadn’t thought to bring. “We need to make sure you have at least €5,000 to support you for the year,” she said. I think I’m safe on that one; it’s a hell of a lot less than the consulate wanted me to have, at any rate. For some reason she thought the consulate was supposed to stamp my medical insurance papers, but I’d only taken them down to San Francisco and left them there. If she’s used to seeing them with a stamp on them, it would have had to come from the consulate’s files, not from documents they returned to me, because they didn’t return anything and only sent the visa along in my passport. “If you can be back by noon, you won’t have to come back Thursday to bring the papers,” she said. We had about one hour.

This started a mad dash back to my place via the bank. We managed to get everything she’d asked for just before noon, and were sent upstairs to another office. We had everything, thankfully, except the document registering my rental contract. That I hadn’t received from the rental management agency my landlady uses, but they sent a PDF of the document to my brother after he phoned them before heading back home. He emailed me the PDF late that evening, which I printed out. I’ll take it in with me tomorrow when I go back to the Questura. The guy at the desk upstairs was familiar with the insurance company I’m using and, when my brother translated for him what the documents were showing, he said it would be no problem and he had just needed to confirm what level of coverage I had and what the deductible was, so we were good. With any luck, the registered contract will be the last thing I need to provide and I’ll be able to sign the documents that will let me get the Permesso di Soggiorno without any further delays.

Today I took part in a photography thing that I was told about on twitter – #1day12pics – which is a project where you document your day in 12 photos, one per hour. I’m sharing them here with you, rather than having posted them on twitter, as I preferred taking them with my camera instead of my phone. Anyway, welcome to a window on my daily life.


Breakfast at the computer – macchiato and kiwi fruit


The post arrives – Abraxas magazine and a book for the Women’s Space at the American Library


After paying the rent, lunch on Viale XX Settembre


Tea and a little writing at Ginger


Walking home along the waterfront, from Molo Audace


Mundane stuff has to be done, like washing the dishes


Did some sorting and arranging of the art – ceramics by Denny Sargent, mermaid carving by Reva Myers at Amber Moon


Grocery shopping and other supplies for the next few days


Catching up on some reading – Dark Green Religion by Bron Taylor


Dinner! It was yummy.


From the Sarasavati altar


The end of the day is nigh


6 thoughts on “#1day12pics and my visit to the Questura

  1. In your view from Molo Audace, what is that pyramid-shaped thing on the top of the mountain? Also, I like your kitchen sink, though I’m not sure why…

    • It’s a relatively nice sink. 😉 I have a dishwasher but I never have enough dishes to warrant using it.

      The thing up on the hill is a church. It’s called the Mariano di Monte Grisa, but the locals call it il formaggino, “the little cheese,” because it looks like a little cheese wedge. I found out about this last week after having wondered what it was the entire time I’ve been here. At some point, there will be pictures.

  2. Just catching up on your blog and saw you took part in #1day12pics! In London there is a building (being built or maybe finished by now) called the ‘cheese grater’ – we should introduce them.

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