#1day12pics for June 7th

It’s a monthly thing, apparently. Some photobloggers on twitter participate, posting 12 photos from their day, and I participated a couple of months ago, not realizing it was a regular thing. Anyway, here it is, come round again. Join me for my day in photographs.





coffee and goetia

Breakfast today was coffee and cherries. My brother brought me a couple of kilos of the things and I’ve been eating them like crazy. I gave some to my friend Gabby, who was quite happy to receive them. The book is my current reading material: Geosophia volume 1 by Jake Stratton-Kent. Some interesting material about goetia, necromancy, ceremonial magic, Greek mythology, and the European grimoire tradition. Sadly, when he ventures into Celtic territory, he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


watering the garden: geraniums and rosemary

This is out on my balcony. One of the rosemary plants I got isn’t in the best shape. I suspect it may die on me, but the other seems to be doing just fine.


the fountain in Piazza Vittorio Veneto

A neriad and a couple of tritons hold up a shell in the piazza across from the main post office.


capo in b

This is how the Triestini take their coffee – cappuccino in bicchieri, a capo in b. It’s a very local thing, and you won’t find it outside of Trieste.


mussels, oysters, and limpets

I sat for a while near the sewing sisters on the waterfront. This was below me growing on the sea-wall.


still life with geranium

The last of the cherries, some oranges and apricots, a lovely little melon, and a bit of geranium that broke off one of the plants while I was picking the dead blooms today.


Chris, the DoDC+3

Here’s my snoozy little companion, catching a nap in the sunshine.


skulls and fetishes

The horse skull was given to me by my friend Gar, who found it when he was working in the field in Montana for NOAA. The others are bobcat skulls. The fetishes are also bobcats.


Lu Yu (陸羽), the sage of tea

Lu Yu is said to be the sage who discovered the art of brewing tea. The teaware is all from Floating Leaves in Ballard, owned and operated by Shiuwen Tai.


apricot-rosemary gelato

This stuff tastes amazing. So does the peach-basil. Taken together? Godlike.



learning Italian

This evening I went over to Knulp to meet Giulia, who is helping me learn Italian. She’s learning how to teach Italian as a second language, and needs a guinea pig. I volunteered, as I need someone to work with me. We were joined later by her boyfriend Luca, and went down to the Riva for dinner.


sunset on the waterfront

The sunset from our dinner table on the Riva opposite the marina. Good food, great company, and a fantastic evening. Tomorrow I’m meeting them for coffee (and possibly lunch) at noon, at Life, a bar in one of the pedestrian areas near Piazza Unità.


14 thoughts on “#1day12pics for June 7th

    • I’m still only partway through the first volume. There’s not a lot of Celtic anything so far. I’m not sure how much more is in volume two. Ask Phil for details about the Celtic stuff. Most of the rest is pretty interesting.

  1. It’s like you’re living an art film about living in Italy. ;D
    My mouth was watering over your fruits and the gelato. We had some dark chocolate / cherry gelato recently that was dreamy. I love apricots, so I’ll bet – even with the rosemary (my unsophisticated palate is wrinkling its nose at the rosemary) – I’d like that gelato, just for the lovely apricotty goodness.
    Such a wonderful sunset and what a lovely spot to view it in.

    Srsly, in some alternate reality you’re the star of that art film, I have no doubt.

    • I swear, I keep looking around me and asking “how is this my life?” 😉 I did get your email today. I’ll get back to you with suggestions for scheduling a time. Have you heard back from the other folks you emailed yet?

      • IKR? Heee!
        Get back when you’re able, it’s cool. I’m about halfway finished with making my weekly schedule, which I want to instigate (as much as possible) next week.
        So far I think one of them wants Tue and/or Thu, but she’s only 3 hrs difference, so it’s more flexible, there. I’m thinking you and I can try for a week day and try to hit some weekend or secondary week day times on the fly. We’ll see how it plays out, but if there’s a day you’d like, lemme know. 😀

    • No, sadly, this was a case of “this plant has dried to a brittle crisp”. The second rosemary is doing fine. I think I just got one that wasn’t doing well originally, and I’m in a hot place with direct south sunlight most of the day, so the poorly one just gave up.

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