Too busy for a long post

Champagneria restaurant

Champagneria restaurant


I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you! I’ve been busy, my brother has been in town a lot, and I’m working on my new book, which is actually a compilation of a bunch of my articles and essays from anthologies and from online in different places, so I’ve not had a lot of time to devote to other things.

My brother’s divorce became final (after six years) on the 19th of July, so I took him out to dinner. We’d walked out earlier in the day to find the little Triestino liquorifico, Piolo e Max, where they make a wide variety of flavored grappas, bitters, and other artisan liqueurs. The very kind lady in the shop was generous with samples of the different liqeuers they produce. I bought a few things for myself – a small bottle of cardamom, and a larger one of a creamy hazelnut – and was going to give a coconut one to my brother in honor of his divorce, but she gave us the bottle for him, with her blessings and a fond wish for his future happiness. It was all just remarkably lovely, and a great way to spend a little while in the afternoon.

Early that evening, we went to Champagneria for dinner as an additional celebration. We’d wandered by it during lunch as we were on our way to Piolo e Max and thought we’d like to check it out at some point. They specialize in fish and in local varieties of prosecco and white wines. The food was excellent, if a bit pricey. My brother said it was the best fish he’d had, and I agreed it was excellent. Everything was very fresh and very well prepared. The presentation was gorgeous as well. I spent quite a bit, but it was worth the money for my brother’s big day.

On the way back, we ran across the fire spinner who’s often in Piazza Unità on a Saturday night. I’ve seen him several times, though I usually catch him just as he’s ending his performance. This time we were there as he was setting up, so we got to watch the whole thing. I got a few photos, but night time pictures of moving fire spinners are iffy at best when you’re an amateur with a cheap camera. At any rate, there are a few below to share the experience.

In front of the Teatro Verdi, just behind Piazza Unità, there have been a series of free music performances on Saturday nights as well. That night, it was a jazz group. I enjoyed it, but my brother’s not into jazz, so we didn’t stay very long. I’ll probably go back again without him when the weather clears up, as we’ve been having a lot of rain and thunderstorms this past week. We’ll see how it goes!






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