Publishing, and a trip to the US

While I have been silent here for a while, I have still been rather busy elsewhere. My most recent book was published at the beginning of August, a compilation of articles, essays, interviews, and other pieces that had been previously published over the last twenty years or so, as well as a new article that has not seen prior publication. The book is called The Well of Five Streams: Essays on Celtic Paganism, and is available from Immanion Press.

Well of 5 Streams Final FrontWhile I haven’t done any traveling to speak of, I will be heading to Salt Lake City, Utah, on the 14th to attend the Parliament of the World’s Religions, where I was asked to join some of my friends and colleagues on a panel about reconstructionist Pagan religions. I imagine I will be pretty busy for the time I’m there, and hope to get some photos of the conference, though I’m not sure I will have any real time to explore Salt Lake City outside of that. The Dalai Lama was supposed to be in attendance, though his doctors have asked him to restrict his travel in the US due to his health, so he won’t be there after all. He has, however, recorded an address to the assembly. It should be interesting.

I’ve had a lot of friends ask me if I was going to be able to visit while I am in the states, but I’m only traveling to the conference and back. One of the potential routes would have taken me through SeaTac, but the layover would have been only long enough to change planes. Visits to my friends are going to have to wait for another time, despite my wishes. I’m just happy I will be able to see a few of them at the conference itself.

The new cover image on the blog is the Faro della Vittoria, the famous lighthouse that is emblematic of Trieste, as viewed from along the Strada Napoleonica, high on the carso above the city. It’s a glorious view, and a beautiful structure.

The city is ramping up for the Barcolana again, as it does every autumn. Tent structures are going up along the waterfront for all the booths, and the boats are arriving. I should get out soon and get some photos, before I head out to Utah. Last year it was quite the event, and the food booths were worth the walk down. Seafood and prosecco are so much nicer than beer and deep fried everything. Or, at least, if I am going to have deep fried anything, it should be enjoyed with prosecco.

Everything is better with prosecco.


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