The Poet in Progress

I was born in 1961, in Rhode Island, in a place that no longer exists. In 1980 I stepped off a plane and into the mist, and I fell in love with Seattle. In 1981 I moved to the Northwest, intending to stay.

There are moments that change a person’s life. I have had many of them over the years, some more drastic than others. These moments can destroy you, or they can shove you out the door without a map and into an adventure.

In 2013 my life handed me an immense moment of change. I’m choosing adventure. It’s a little frightening, and a lot exciting. I expect to be fascinated, frustrated, afraid, enchanted, confused, overwhelmed, grateful, and open to what the world brings my way.

There are no guarantees in this life. There is only putting one foot in front of the other and trusting in the journey.


2 thoughts on “The Poet in Progress

  1. enjoyed your post. Have you read Tim Parks “Italian Neighbors” he and his wife moved to Italy as English translators and even had a baby there. Funny exchanges with the Italian Government Systems.

    • Yes, before I left for Italy in fact. That and a couple of blogs were part of what helped me prepare for dealing with the bureaucracy here. Thanks for your comment!

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